Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Tutorial-MSW

Today I have my first tutorial up on the My Sketch World Blog! I am so excited and love how my card turned out! Just wanted to share here as well, but would love if you would go on over to MSW Blog and check it out there too!
OK, here we go:

A sunburst made from patterned paper:

Supplies needed:
Card base
Patterned paper/ cardstock
Cutting mat
Something round to trace a circle
Exacto knive/trimmer/scissors
Optional- sewing machine/ needle & floss

Step 1:
My card has a 5x7" base. Cut a piece of patterned paper or cardstock 5 1/2"x3 3/4".
Trace a circle on the backside of your patterned paper or cardstock. I put mine off center. Find the center of your circle and make a dot:

Step 2:
Start making your lines for your rays using a ruler and a pencil, go from one side of the paper at an angle to the other.

This is what it should look like when you are finished:

Step 3:
Next, I mark with pencil the rays I will be cutting. I try to leave the corner ones in tact if possible. Also by marking them, you will be sure you have the right amount of rays and won't have 2 cut out together. Using my Exacto knife, cutting mat and ruler, I cut on every line only from the circle outward:

Step 4:
On the rays you added the mark to (this should be every other one), trim along the circle with your scissors or Exacto knife to cut that ray off:

This is what it will look like when you are done:

Here is the front side:

Step 5:
Adhere the sunburst to your base or front panel of your card, I stitched mine, I think it gives it more texture:

Step 6:
Now you are ready to embellish and add your sentiment.

I used Lucy's June card sketch for my card:

Here is my completed card:

and a close up:

I would love to see your sunburst on a card or layout, just leave me a link here and I will check it out!
Thanks for taking time and visiting my blog!


  1. way to go Lisa!!! that rocks, I'm going to have to try it like that!!!

  2. Wow, that card is fabulous... just love it and the recipient is lucky. Thanks for sharing your 'how to'.

  3. fabulous and love the fun card.. great tutorial Lisa

  4. Fabulous tutorial Lisa! Can't wait to give it a try. Cute card!

  5. These cards are absolutely awesome, Lisa!!! I LOVE starbursts ~ FAB!!!

  6. I know this post is old, but Wow this was an easy way to do it, The last time I did one, well lets just say it took forever. Will definitely be trying this/


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