Friday, May 14, 2010

It's baseball/ softball season!

We have been busy here with baesball/ softball practice with both Sierra and Austin playing this year. They had their first games this week and did very well!
Austin got his first hit during his second game and was so proud! But then was disappointed when the next batter struck out and the inning was over. He wanted to score for the team, maybe next time! Awesome job, bud!
Sierra found the "right" bat at her first game and connected with the ball every time! She had an awesome game!


  1. great bball pics!!! I love going to games

  2. the "right" bat is so important! great pics of Austin & Sierra!

  3. Love these pictures Lisa!!! Both my kiddos are playing this year too and I can't wait to get snappin' at the games! :0)


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