Saturday, July 30, 2011

Colorado pics

Just wanted to pop in and share a few pics from our vacation to Colorado while I am taking a break from packing for our camping trip, we leave tomorrow.
This is a pic of the kids at the Garden of the Gods:

This is the Stanley Hotel where Jennifer & Jerod were married and where we took the ghost tour, yes, it's haunted!

The first time I saw an elk, of coarse I was taking pics at the back of the hotel and Greg had to call me on my cell. After not seeing any elk last summer on our trek to CA, Greg knew it was my mission to see one this year! lol!

Greg & the kids in jail at the Flying W Ranch:

Of coarse, what's a vacation to Colorado without a trip on the Cog Railway to Pike's Peak?! This was my third trip up, Greg's second and the kids first, but I think this was the coldest for me,( just like being in Wisconsin on a cold winter day), it was -10 degrees with the windchill and all we had on was sweatshirts, but Austin still climbed the rocks! (and look at that view!)

The kids and I by the Cog Railway:

Now off to pack some more! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. what great pics and looks like your family had a wonderful vacation!!!!! how fun!!!

  2. Hey I just left ya a blogger award... check it out!!!


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