Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cleaning Your Scrappy Tools

Hey there scrappy peeps!
I am here today to share a easy way to clean your scrappy tools.
Here are a few before pictures of my spatula, pick and scissors (all gunked up from cutting foam tape):

I laid a piece of paper towel  on my desk, laid the tools on top and sprayed them with the Best Cleaner Ever. I let them sit for a few minutes.

and then used the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to wipe them. They look brand spanking new! 
Check it out:

I normally use Goo Gone to clean my tools, but not anymore! The Best Cleaner Ever, really is the best cleaner I have found now to do the job.

Now all I need to do is launder the Perfect Cleaning Cloth without bleach or fabric softener and hang it to dry.

So if you are looking for something to clean your scrappy tools with, grab the Best Cleaner Ever and try it!

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